This gadget rocks! I definitely need one for my bike! How much?

The Motorcycle Pass® Transponder Holder is $34.99 in Black Powder Coat and $39.99 in Electrol-Polished Stainless Steel. We now offer the Motorcycle Pass® Transponder Holder in a second size for the wedge transponder, available in $39.99 in WEDGE Black Powder Coat,  and $49.99 in WEDGE Chrome Plated. Three custom options designed by motorcyclists to flawlessly match the look and feel of your bike. Get one and get rollin’!

Problem Solving

How can I attach the Motorcycle Pass® to my handle bars?

A Küryakyn Clutch or Brake Perch Accessory Mount Kit [link] or a P-clamp [link] is best when attaching your new Motorcycle Pass® to handlebars.

How can I attach the Motorcycle Pass® to my wind shield?

We at Motorcycle Pass® recommend using the following:

  • 1/4” drill bit
  • 1/4” bolt
  • Nylon or rubber washers
  • Nylon-Insert lock nut

I lost my instruction sheets! How does this thing hook up?

Assembly is easy, but here are .pdf instruction pages one [click] and two [click] if you’d like to print them out.


Where in the world can I use Motorcycle Pass®?

Toll way transponders are used in many places all over the world. Motorcycle Pass® fits transponders in the following states:

Make your ride Hands Free and Hassle Free; Get One and Get Rollin’ today!

I need more information on the tollway transponder used in my state/region. Where should I look?

Motorcycle Pass® is dedicated to making life easier for motorcyclists everywhere. As such, we’ve compiled the following resources for your use:

  • Illinois I-Pass: [link]
  • Indiana I-Zoom: [link]
  • Massachusetts MassDOT: [link]
  • New Jersey E-ZPass: [link]
  • New York E-ZPass: [link]
  • Maryland E-ZPass (formerly M-Tag): [link]
  • Pennsylvania E-ZPass: [link]
  • Tollways Totally Explained (information on how tolls on the highway work, including a history of toll collection methods): [link]

Do you know of a tollway transponder system that isn’t listed here? Please swing by the Contact page [link] and let us know!

Technical Details

My Motorcycle Pass® is slightly bent. Can I still use it?

We put a 2° pitch to every Motorcycle Pass® as part of our patent-pending design. This angle ensures easy installation and a snug fit, so you can hit the pavement (but it never will!).

What are the specs of Motorcycle Pass®?


  • 2½”H x 3 5/8”W x ¾”D
  • 16 ga.CRS Multi-formed construction
  • Weight: .25 lb.

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